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PSR & BST Services

When coupled with the appropriate therapeutic services, our PSRs and BSTs can help you achieve goals relating to a variety of topics including: basic living and self care skills, behavior management, social skills, communication skills, time management, parental training, and setting life goals.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Services

Psychosocial rehabilitative services are rehabilitative mental health interventions designed to reduce psychosocial dysfunction and restore clients to their highest level of functioning.

Behavior management

Recipients learn how to manage their interpersonal, emotional, and behavioral responses to various situations. They learn how to positively reflect anger, manage conflicts, and express their frustrations verbally. They learn the dynamic relationship between actions and consequences.

Social competency

Recipients learn personal and social boundaries and gain confidence in their interpersonal and social skills.

Problem identification and resolution

Recipients learn problem resolution techniques and gain confidence in their problem-solving skills.

Effective communication

Recipients learn how to genuinely listen to others and make their personal, interpersonal, emotional, and physical needs known.

Moral reasoning

Recipients learn culturally relevant moral guidelines and judgment.

Identity and emotional intimacy

Recipients learn personal and interpersonal acceptance. They learn appropriate strategies to become emotionally intimate with others.


Recipients learn to build self-trust, self-confidence, and self-reliance.

Life goals

Recipients learn how to set and achieve observable specific, achievable, and realistic life goals.

Basic Skills Training (BST) Services

Basic skills training services are rehabilitative mental health interventions designed to reduce cognitive and behavioral impairments and restore clients to their highest level of functioning.

Basic living and self-care skills

Recipients learn how to manage their daily lives, and learn safe and appropriate behaviors.

Social skills

Recipients learn how to identify and understand the physical, emotional and interpersonal needs of others and appropriate interactions with others.

Communication skills

Recipients learn how to communicate their physical, emotional, and interpersonal needs to others as well as learning to listen to and identify the needs of others.

Parental training

Parental training teaches the recipient’s parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) BST techniques. The objective is to help parents continue the recipient’s mental health care in home and community based settings.

Organization and time management skills

Recipients learn how to manage and prioritize their daily activities.

Transitional living skills

Recipients learn necessary skills to begin partial or fully independent lives.

Both BST and PSR services are incorporated into the patient’s plan of care to reduce or overcome obstacles to success in attaining their short and long-term goals.


Never Give Up Wellness Center take your personal health and safety very seriously. You may have some growing concerns about the COVID 19. As an extra safety precaution, we will be doing teletherapy.

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Never Give Up Wellness Center would like to give back to the community in this time of crisis due to the COVID 19. We will be offering a FREE support group by zoom. Every Wednesday at 10:00am.

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