A 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, founded to close the mental and behavioral health service gap.

Our Story

Never Give Up Foundation: normalizing disabilities by taking the “dis” out of disability.


Bridging the mental and behavioral health service gap for individuals in need and providers by awareness, education, and resources.


This project is intended to increase access to high quality behavioral health clinical and educational/training services for individuals with, or at risk for, mental/behavioral health problems and behavioral health professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Inspire and educate!

The Never Give Up Foundation was established in 2008 and has been active in Clark County since 2012. Mr. Matthew Cox applies his experiences living with learning disabilities as a student, a father and a business person to his coaching style. The Never Give Up Foundation aims to bridge the gap by establishing learned knowledge among learning disabled children, their parents, and their teachers.

We believe in the power of patience, curiosity and most of all, perseverance. We all draw from our own unique experiences in life, especially the not so fun ones. Identifying and exploring the sometimes mundane challenges life throws at us helps us to recognize and respect our own unique styles of learning.

Our Programs

The Never Give Up Programs in a Nutshell.


Diversity of learning styles in the classroom can cause friction, NGUF provides strategies and tools for streamlining education in a way that benefits everyone.


Having a child with a disability presents unique challenges for parents. Through coaching and workshops, NGUF helps parents develop emotional skills for supporting themselves and their kids through challenging times.


Our team knows what it means to be considered “learning disabled”. We believe that individuals with learning disabilities are capable of being self aware, creative and confident at home, at school and in the workplace.

2675 S Jones Blvd #102 Las Vegas, NV 89146.




Never Give Up Wellness Center take your personal health and safety very seriously. You may have some growing concerns about the COVID 19. As an extra safety precaution, we will be doing teletherapy.

Call today to schedule your TELETHERAPY appointment (702) 951-9751.

Never Give Up Wellness Center would like to give back to the community in this time of crisis due to the COVID 19. We will be offering a FREE support group by zoom. Every Wednesday at 10:00am.

Call to reserve your space (702) 951-9751.

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