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The EMDR Therapy — All You Need to Know

EMDR is a therapy employed for “desensitizing and reprocessing” of stored memories due to traumatic experiences. EMDR is a new innovation in therapy as it gives patients quick and lasting emotional distress relief. EMDR therapy activates the opposite sides of the brain, which release emotional experiences that have become prey to the nervous system.

EMDR is a relatively new form of unconventional therapy that has become increasingly popular, especially for the treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD. PTSD usually occurs after experiences such as warfighting, physical assault, rape or auto accidents.

Firstly, EMDR addresses psychological issues in a special way. The technique does not rely on speech therapy or medication. Instead, EMDR makes use of the patient’s rapid, rhythmic movement. These eye movements mitigate the power of memories of traumatic events with a great emotional load.

Is Our EMDR Therapy Effective and to what extent?

Our EMDR therapy at Never Give Up Wellness Center has a high degree of effectiveness in the treatment of:

  • Anxiety (difficulty sleeping (insomnia), worry, panic attacks, phobias);
  • Depression;
  • Low selfesteem;
  • Uncontrollable fears;
  • Relationship with Problems;
  • Emotion management;
  • The loss of a loved one (Mourning);
  • Performance improvement;
  • Post-traumatic stress (rape, theft, natural disasters, car accidents, fire, earthquakes);
  • Sexual, physical or emotional abuse, etc.

We have a lot of trained therapists at Never Give Up Wellness Center that has been trained on EMDR since Dr. Francine Shapiro developed the technique in 1989.

EMDR is a safe therapy with little to no side effects. However, despite their increasing use, mental health professionals discuss their effectiveness. Critics often argue that EMDR studies accommodate only a little amount of participants. Other researchers, however, have demonstrated the efficacy of treatment in published reports that consolidate information from various studies.

What is the purpose of EMDR?

The purpose of EMDR is to help the patient heal and live a peaceful existence. Our therapists at Never Give Up Wellness Centre are trained to become a therapeutically of the patient, thereby facilitating healing and helping to remove blocked and unprocessed traumas bringing in fantastic relief.

How EMRD Therapy Works

The brain processes all information during sleep. In traumatic situations, this process does not work functionally and from there arise thoughts considered dysfunctional. At Never Give Up Wellness Centre, our EMDR therapy reorganizes the components that cause negative memories, allowing the healing of traumas

With EMRD exercises, the brain processes the experience and records it as a memory. Thus, the memories of pain are felt more lightly, and a new connection is created with the facts, which become less negative.

What happens in an EMRD therapy session?

Our EMDR therapy session at Never Give Up Wellness Centre can last up to 90 min. We will move your fingers from side to side in front of you and ask you to follow the movements of your hand with your eyes. At the same time, we will ask you to remember a disturbing event. This includes the emotions and sensations that accompany it.

Gradually, we will guide your disturbing thoughts to more pleasant ones. Some of our therapists use alternative techniques of stimulation such as hand or foot touches or alternating musical sounds.

People who use the approach argue that EMDR can lessen the effect of negative emotions. Before or after any EMDR treatment, we at Never Give Up Wellness Centre will ask you to assess your level of disruption. The debilitating effects of disturbing memories are expected to be reduced.

Although most research with EMDR is aimed at people living with PTSD, EMDR is sometimes used experimentally to treat several other psychological problems, including panic attacks, eating disorders, chemical dependence, and anxiety, such as speech difficulties in public or phobia for dental treatment.

At Never Give Up Wellness Centre, we work with our patients, asking them to revisit the traumatic experience, feelings about the experience, and any negative thoughts or feelings.

We use bilateral (or eye-movement, tactile, or ear-to-ear) stimulation to activate the two sides (hemispheres) of the brain to produce fast, vibrant images that are then processed by the stimulus bringing relief and peace, feelings resolved. The relief in a single session can be compared to the removal of a concrete block from a shoulder.

How you will feel after your session with our therapist?

EMDR is designed to work such that there will be continuing treatment even in your subconscious state. This implies that you can imagine and think about thoughts focused on while undergoing the session and still feel the same emotions even after the session might have ended.

As a guide through this process, make sure enough time is set aside from relaxing after an EMDR session through the use of the relaxation techniques learnt. Do well to open up about your feelings with your therapist at the next session. Although we are all unique, but the feelings are usually more reduced, and most people affirm that feel more relieved after their sessions.

How do you know that your therapist is qualified?

Presently, no official law is available that states in details the exact training level and experience needed for EMDR therapist. However, for us at Never Give Up Wellness Centre, we follow industry benchmarks and professional bodies recommendations that professional in mental health must have completed additional practice in EMDR.

The first time you visit EMDR therapist, we always advise you to request a copy of their qualifications and insurance before committing to a session.

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